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  • Knoxville Educational Article of the Month - Will a House Mouse in the Attic have a Nest of Babies?

Will a House Mouse in the Attic have a Nest of Babies?

The attic of your house is one of the conducive place for a Knoxville mouse or rats to live in. Why? This is because it is a 'dark and secluded area that you often visit or see, thus, leaving them unnoticed for quiet a long time. The attic of the house has also warm temperature where a Tennessee mouse can have their nest and babies.

Mouse and their babies
Mouse matures easily. A male and female Knoxville mouse can mate as early as 10 days of being in one place. Mouse and their babies can be characterized by the following:
• Mouse can give birth to young ones throughout the year.
• Mouse babies mature as early as three months
• A female mouse can give birth to 6 to 8 young mice in one period.
• A female Tennessee mouse gestation lasts up to 22 days.

Determining mouse and its babies in the attic
There are several ways for you to tell if there are mice and babies living in your attic. If the following clues are present, it is recommended that you get rid of them immediately before the situation gets worse. The following are signs that there are Knoxville mice thriving in you attic:
• There are visible rats feces (small black litters with faulty odor) all over the attic.
• There are possible gnawed particles (cardboards, left over foods, paper, etc.) spread in the attic.
• Possible nesting and small Tennessee mice that can be located at gnawed papers and cardboards or woods.
• There is faulty smell of mouse urine all over the attic.
• Possible gnawed wiring in the area.

How to get rid of mouse and its babies in the attic

Cleaning up.
First, you need to keep your house clean. Mouse thrive in a cluttered place where they can have access to food and other things they can gnawed in. make sure that you clean up the boxes, cabinets, and everything that they might dwell in.

Traps and poisons.
You can also install traps and exclusion funnels in the house. You just have to make sure to check on the traps to avoid trapped Knoxville mouse from dying and rotting in your attic. Aside from traps, there are also commercial poisons to kill a mouse. Also, make sure to remove and replace the poison regularly and eliminate the dead animal that has eaten the poison.

Pest control.
If all the abovementioned methods fail, you can always call a Tennessee professional pest control service to help you with your mouse problem. They can get rid of the adult mouse and their babies right away.

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