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  • Knoxville Educational Article of the Month - Is opossum feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Is opossum feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Is opossum feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Just like any other wild animal in the urban Knoxville areas, Opposum have feces that could smell really bad and create stinky odor in your yard. The feces carry loads of harmful substance that may not be visible to our eyes. Parasites like tapeworms may be transmitted to the human’s body. Not to mention their urine that contains viruses.

The worse part is that when other Knoxville animals like your cat or dogs when they lick these parasites, they can accidentally get inside the intestine and grow to become diseases. Feces of Opposums can contain parasitic worms that causes some of these diseases to other Tennessee species. As the transmittable virus can easily be transferred, look for these symptoms:

- Diarreha
- Fever
- Rash
- Fatigue
- Paralysis
- Other neurological signs

Severe diseases associated with Opposum feces
Feces of wild Knoxville animals contain viruses that can harm you. when you come in contact to the urine or feces, you could be infected with Hepatitis A. The damages associated with serious diseases should be a good finding that we should use proper equipment that keeps our hands clean. Gloves or goggles, whatever it takes for you to come in contact without being afraid of the transmitable disease.

Opposums are rare in getting rabies. However, they carry fleas despite the parasites. The potential diseases are somewhat invisible and even the attic droppings on the floor can contaminate any humans in the area. Some of the health risks are:

Salmonella and leptospirosis
It is important to reduce the exposure to these parasites. Start by keeping the cage clean and always wash hands using sanitizer or hand soap after you clean mess. Do not come into contact with the urine. Use waterproof plasters if you have any cuts before doing any act to remove the feces. When washing the tools, be sure not to use your kitchen sink. Laundry detergent works wonder to clean the cloth or mops after being used for the cleaning.

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