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  • Knoxville Educational Article of the Month - What is the best bait to trap a raccoon?

What is the best bait to trap a raccoon?

What is the best bait to trap a raccoon?

When you attempt to trap a Knoxville raccoon, placement and setup is necessary but the bait is one essential piece that can lure the animal into your trap. Some baits work while some don't. A Tennessee raccoon has big teeth and they love sweet stuffs. Here are some of the choices you can use to lure Knoxville's raccoon.

1. Marshmallows
Marshmallows are sweet and soft to chew. The species love it very much. For the Tennessee trapper, marshmallow can be the right bait because it is hard to pull through from the outside, so once the raccoon is inside, he will not realize that he has been trapped in a cage as he gets busy with the bait. It also helps to pull the trigger down to close the cage's door. Marshmellows are clean and easy, and they are visually appealing to raccoons.

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2. A whole egg
A whole egg is like a big breakfast for a Tennessee raccoon. A fresh egg, uncracked smells really good. Place the whole egg on the pan right behind the trigger. Raccoons are visually attracted to eggs and even like to play with them.

3. A tin foil
Crumble tin foil and hang it behind trigger pan. You can tie it with string to make it stay on top of trap. Tin foil is shiny and glittery at times and raccoons can be curios of what's inside. As it is dangling and luring the Tennessee raccoon, you have set the trap right. Clean foil does not smell like rotten stuff so it should attract animals instead of making it go away.

4. Watermelon
The red color of water melon plus the sweet taste can lure Knoxville animals into the trap. You can cut the watermelon with its skin and place it behind the trigger pan.

5. sweet corn
Sweet corn also has that fresh smell that attract Knoxville raccoons. You can cut the corn into smaller pieces and place one piece inside the trap to be the bait.

6. fresh fish
Fresh fish also has that delicious smell for the Tennessee raccoons. It attracts faster because the fresh flesh seems to be mouthwatering food for them. Do not choose stinky fish because it may not smell great. Your house can have smelly odor and the raccoon dislikes it as well. The drawback of using fish like sardines may also catch the cat's nose too.

There are also raccoon bait recipes that you can try to make at home to lure these Knoxville animals. You can even ferment fish in a jar to attract the raccoon. Plus, it is neater to handle with your hands! There are many types of baits you can try as long as it is sweet to the taste. One reason to go with sweet foods as opposed to meat is that meat can lure in non-target animals like stray cats or opossums.

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